​Tax Preparation

We can file all tax returns needed for individuals such as 1040, 1041, 1120, 1120S.  We can file your returns electronically. Areas of Expertise include income tax planning, income tax returns, gift planning and gift tax returns.

Estate Administration

Estate Administration includes advising clients, handling matters with respect to the administration of estates, trusts, interdictions and tutorships, the probate of wills, determination of heirship, will contest and interpretation of suits, and other proceedings related to the disposition of assets of a decedent, interdict or minor. It also includes the preparation and review of the US estate tax and generation skipping transfer tax returns, NJ inheritance and estate transfer tax returns, and federal and NJ gift tax.

Estate Planning

Estate planning, EP, is the practice of law dealing with the creation, protection and disposition of a client’s assets during life and after death.  This process takes into consideration tax and family implications while honoring your wishes.  We can offer advice with respect to donations, Wills, trusts, life insurance, business arrangements and agreements, income and transfer taxes, the estate planning aspects of qualified and non-qualified plans and deferred compensation agreements, and other estate planning matters.  Wills can be simple or complex with some requiring provisions for testamentary trusts, marital deductions and elections, charitable, etc.


Estate Planning

​Will Preparation

Trust preparation (Life Insurance, Charitable, GRITS, GRATS, GRUTS, Crummey, Revocable, Irrevocable)

Areas of Expertise

Organizing Your Estate

This is a topic typically avoided by many individuals.  However, planning is a key factor to avoid paying taxes to the state and posing unnecessary burden on your relatives.

Dying without a Will causes issues for those surviving you.  From planning your financial legacy, to burial expenses, to disposing of your personal property, all can be arranged with a simple document, a Will, which ensures that your wishes are carried out.

We can assist you with all the necessary steps needed to get your affairs in order.  We offer a complimentary consultation after which we will recommend the necessary steps to establish a customized estate plan. 

Naming an executor to handle your affairs is the first step.  We have a questionnaire that can guide you in gathering the necessary information to give you peace of mind. The state of New Jersey taxes all individuals with assets in excess of $675,000.  There are ways to preserve your estate. That’s where we can be of service.

We can prepare your will, powers that can relieve your heirs and relatives from making medical decisions for you.  We can also handle the estate, if such help is needed.

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